Product Development

We design, develop and produce products specifically for the hospitality industry. We deliver in local markets close to home and all over the globe.

International Hotel Supply Company focuses solely on the hospitality industry so our experienced staff has in depth understanding of your business needs. We design and develop cosmetics and equipment that meet the specific usability and durability needs o

What we create

International Hotel Supply Company has in house fragrance experts and designers. Bathroom cosmetics have a strong influence on your guest experience. Together we can explore from our wide range of cosmetics brands and customized solutions to find out what fits best with your hotel guests. No need to worries if you’re not familiar with the Cosmetics law and its responsibilities, we will take care of that too.

Our team also designs private label to deliver tailor made products for your hotel in order to personalize your customer experience. Think of bathroom cosmetics, slippers, pens and all type of ancillary items.

International Hotel Supply Company designs, sources, and develops equipment with the highest quality durable materials specifically built for hotels to meet your guests’ expectations. To name a few: alarm clocks with USB and wireless chargers, easy to stow foldable hair dryers, battery free scales, bins with soft closing lids, luggage racks that fit 2 open folded suitcases. All our products are made to match the industry standards, a balanced assortment of good-better-best quality.

How we work

Our consultative and cooperative way of working is adaptable and flexible to meet your needs. We can create a tailor made project proposal that details out the work to be delivered, costs involved and a strict timeline. We work in a very transparent manner, so responsibilities and outputs are obvious from the start, reducing risks and avoiding any misunderstandings when projects are underway.

We can provide high-quality advice, and offer pragmatic solutions to get the job done. We value direct communication so you can follow the activities during a project, and there is full traceability of documentation too.