The Capabilities of Luxury Hotel Cosmetics

Product Development

When we say product development, we are talking about every aspect of your hotel cosmetic line. Because when it comes to your brand, everything must just be right.

We can advise you on the branding of your cosmetics line and we are able to design and develop your perfect formulation, fragrance, packaging and accessories.

Custom Fragrance

People link specific fragrances to certain memories, so the scent is the most important aspect of your product. Ofcourse you want to link your perfume to the wonderful hotel stay of guests.

Luxury Hotel Cosmetics works with expert perfumers in Grasse, France to help you find your unique fragrance.

Manufacturing & Distribution

As Luxury Hotel Cosmetics, we maintain high quality standards for your products. Throughout the years we have established valuable partnerships with manufacturers all around the world, but we have always stayed independent. This means we are flexible to produce wherever we feel is most efficient, so that you will avoid high transport costs and unnecessary import duties.

And with our offices all around the world working as one global team, we’re able to distribute your products anywhere.


Luxury Hotel Cosmetics is physically present in all corners of the world. This makes us the expert of the industry when it comes to local regulations.

We take care of registration processes in most markets, and can consult you on design and formulation requirements.