Every company has its own philosophy. a statement of fact, a few words, a collection of sentences of how it wants the world to see it. here is the anatomicals philosophy. It encapsulates everything about them, representing their core values in an engaging and human fashion that’s a witty and slightly provocative reflection of the brand and its many customers.

It can be found on everything from their products to their stationary and now even on their own store windows.

Whatever else the planet is becoming - hotter, more crowded and unstable - it’s also becoming greener. doing their bit to help, anatomicals strongly advocate all its packaging is recycled and has gone as far as to create its own superhero character to make sure this happens.

Anatomicals isn’t the most fun with your clothes on, but with your clothes off it’s a different matter. Never before has getting clean been such a smile inducing prospect. Perennially charming, witty, good looking and originally hailing from Britain, it’s like showering with Cary Grant. Anatomicals manufacture the world’s funkiest toiletries and so far people seem to like them. Exactly like oxygen, water, gravity and chocolate fudge cake, you’ll soon wonder how on earth you ever managed to live without us. Serious body and skincare, unserious packaging and presentation.

The Scent - Cucumber | Flower | Mint | Avocado | Lime