Savoir-Faire is inspired by indulgent customers in search of luxury, balance, classic, and timeless elegance. Offering a moment of balance and serenity in an ever-changing and dynamic environment is the brands daily mission. The brand is built by true connoisseurs of the pillars of Luxury.Value. Quality.

The profound ‘Savoir-Faire’, French for ‘know-how’ in the pillars, encourages synergies resulting in a brand which exudes raw confidence and a refined sense of purpose.

With exclusive distributors present in the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific, there is no region untouched by Savoir-Faire.

Amenity Inspiration:

The Savoir-Faire Cosmetics hotel amenity range focuses on service value and quality.

The products are semi-translucent for a visible liquid level to enhance housekeeper convenience. The liquid formulations are biodegradable and dermatologically tested.

Fragrance Inspiration:

The fragrance is a well-balanced and energizing ‘Mandarin Mint’ scent. The pure and uplifting fragrance gives a sense of wellness and freshness for the body and mind.

More than just a product:

Savoir-Faire includes a wide range of products created specifically for the travel industry. Besides an amenity range, Savoir-Faire offers a full collection to make an unforgettable and pampered impression.

Accessories Savoir Faire:

Luxury Slippers, Bathrobes, Towels, Room Sprays, Scented Candles, Reed Diffuser

  • Savoir-Faire Amenities

    Savoir-Faire Amenities

  • Savoir-Faire Pump Bottles

    Savoir-Faire Pump Bottles

  • Savoir-Faire Pump Bottles in Wall Bracket

    Savoir-Faire Pump Bottles in Wall Bracket