Is an indie fragrance driven brand committed to bringing hotel luxury home, making sensible, luxurious, quality beauty and lifestyle products that nourish the skin, restore the body, glam up an interior or yourself, all with care for the environment.

Jeroen Oude Sogtoen is Founder and Creative Director of ZENOLOGY. He studied Fashion Design at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI) and worked for 10 years as a Fashion Designer. He changed focus from fashion to interior design and created alongside field specialists, the concept for a boutique hotel in Amsterdam. Whilst creating an amenity line for this boutique hotel he started his own brand ZENOLOGY.

Zenology is about finding balance between nature and science. Creating sensible, luxurious, quality beauty and lifestyle products. At Zenology we aim to be as green as possible. Nature is our shared responsibility and we believe that each of us can make a difference. Our products are free from skin and environmentally unfriendly ingredients.
We care & consider, about the product, about you and about nature.

Originated in the hotel industry, Zenology is designed to elevate the hotel staying experience through the comfort of quality and the power of scent, all with care for the environment.
We aim to raise expectations of luxury by stimulating all the senses with our ambiance fragrances and cosmetics. Allowing you to revel in the feeling of being looked after.
Each of our trademark fragrances tell a different story. Allowing you to travel into your own place of luxury and comfort. Zenology offers luxury in a conscious way.

Camellia Sinensis

The Japanese and Chinese tea ceremony is a quintessential expression of aestheticism and philosophy in perfect harmony. Black Tea, made from leaves of the Camellia Sinensis, will fill any space with its comforting and purifying woody steam.

Black Tea | Clary Sage | Guaiac Wood

Fycus Sycomorus

Sycamore Fig is fruity, reminiscent of a fresh fig ripening in the warm African sun. All elements of the fig tree: The freshness of its sappy leaves, the warmth of the wood and the sensuality of the ripe fruit all blended in one harmony.

Fig | Magnolia | Wood

Citrus Nobilis

Uplifting zesty oils release a fine mist of invigorating energy by the sparkling burst of a juicy mandarin peel.

Mandarin | White Florals | Green Tea